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Shupier Jones is renowned for her multifaceted career, gracing screens and pages on various esteemed platforms (Lifetime Network, BET, Amazon Prime, Vudu (Walmart), Tubi, Hype Hair Magazine, Sheen Magazine, Barnes & Noble, and more). With an unwavering passion for artistic expression and storytelling, her boundless creative interests have helped to shape an extraordinary career. However, beyond her accolades, Shupier's true passion lies in empowering women to confront their untold stories of shame, hurt, and regret. With over two decades of experience as a celebrity hairstylist, Shupier Jones has become more than just a skilled professional; she has been a compassionate confidante, lending a listening ear to countless women as they open up about their painful experiences while seated in her chair. Drawing from her own personal journey, Shupier understands the fear and emotional turmoil that can result from enduring childhood trauma. It took her years to confront the resentment, anxiety, and anger stemming from her own experience of being molested as a child.


Because of her remarkable resilience and determination, Shupier has transformed her painful past into a source of strength, embarking on a transformative path and seeking healing and solace from the Most High. This led her to pen her memoir, aptly titled "Putting It All on Paper," a courageous account of the memories that once held her in bondage. More than just a recollection of painful experiences, the memoir chronicles the transformative healing process guided by a higher power, which empowered Shupier to become stronger and more committed to helping others. 


With her unwavering faith in God, Shupier powers through her painful memories, channeling her experiences into a passion for creative ventures. Her boundless fascination with fashion and luxury ultimately inspired her to create the prestigious Pink Triangle Collection, a luxury handbag line that embodies elegance, sophistication, and individuality. Shupier's handbag designs appeal to fashion enthusiasts all over the world thanks to her innate sense of style and desire to create something truly exceptional. Since the brand's inception, she has beautifully blended her multifaceted talents and ignited a new era of luxury and creativity. From her journey of healing and self-discovery, Shupier has not only emerged as a multifaceted talent in the worlds of beauty and fashion but also as a beacon of resilience and hope. With her handbag line as a testament to her strength, she continues to offer a guiding light for others seeking liberation from the grip of their past and embracing a brighter, empowered future.

International Wig Day Poster (1)_edited.jpg
International Wig Day Poster.jpg
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