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About Me

Known as an actress and model who has appeared on the Lifetime Network, Black Entertainment Television (BET), Amazon Prime, Vudu (Walmart), Tubi Tv and in Hype Hair Magazine, Shupier Jones wants to be best known as a woman determined to help women face their untold stories of shame, hurt and regret. As a professional hairstylist of more than 20 years, Shupier not only has been positioned to hear the countless stories of women broken by painful experiences but has committed to assisting others in working through the haunting fear and unforgettable pain of their past. Shupier understands this fear because it took her years to deal with the resentment, anxiety, and anger she developed as a result of being molested as a child. Though an accomplished actress, model, and hairstylist, Shupier secretly carried many painful memories throughout her life. True to the meaning of her name “Dependable upon God,” Shupier needed God to move beyond her past.


As a mother desiring to protect her two beautiful, precious daughters and a woman wanting to please the Most High in all things, Shupier decided it was time to face her painful past by Putting It All On Paper, which is the title of her memoir that recounts the painful memories that held Shupier in bondage. More importantly, the memoir recounts the healing process Shupier allowed the Most High to guide her through to become better, stronger and more committed to helping others. Putting It All on Paper has released Shupier from the shame and hate she carried for years and freed her to willingly share her past and love the people who hurt her. As a speaker, Shupier desires for other people, especially women, to be free of negative feelings and obsession with what others think about them. She wants people to let go of their negative past so that it doesn't affect their relationships, health, self-esteem, and future. She wants to encourage others to live their best lives.

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